1)We Broke The P.A.

Hello.  How have you been?  It hasn’t been too long.  But something’s gone awry.  There’s something wrong.  Everyone’s on edge. The danger’s gone.  We riot.  When we should break PA’s.  Our music is so soothing.  Our movement is not moving.  We plug our mic’s into clear channels.  They buy it.  Now we’re dismantled.  We don’t need a microphone.  We scream loud enough on our own.

2) I Like The Way You Look But Not You
Turn your tassels baby and spread your tan-lined legs.  Pinning paper hearts on designer clothes is just so fucking teenage.  Love me do, he loves me not.  Deep in love with love, oh sweet romantic thoughts.  Laugh and dance through sweet romance and cherry pop your way to popularity.  Turn your tassels baby and spread your tan-lined legs.  Snort lines of coke through a plastic nose and purge purge purge away.  Beauty so skin deep leaves only shallowness as the popular decay.  The high school known sit on a flimsy thrown and abort their lives each day.  And you sing to yourself on repeat: I love me.

3) 90266
In warm-hearted houses the fireplace is always bright and it's always Christmas Eve, dreaming of white Christmas nights.  Candles twinkle love like stars stolen from the sky, making houses happy, who cares about the world outside?  Jonny get’s great grades and Daddy gets great head.  Maria raised the kids.  Mommy just tucks them into bed.  The TV’s on from 9 to 5 every single day.  Their water’s pure and their god is good, as long as they obey.  Somewhere beneath the malls under miles of tax returns...hidden behind a white picket fence and masked by what they earn...cloistered by the walls of stucco mansions and expensive cars...the foundation’s made of shit and what you have is all you are.

4) MacKinnon
I want to say what words just can’t.  I wish today was not today.  Maybe she could take it back...I’ve smashed the lights out and climbed the hill behind my house and felt the asphalt chill.  There were lonely kids and swing-setting suns, closed bedroom doors and a life undone.  I keep the time with the stroke of a dried-out pen.  If she is written here, maybe she is never dead.  I’m holding on so tight to letting go.  And moving on from here is going, oh, so slow.  This beat heartbeats-up every last thing.  And there is nothing left, and nothing left to sing.  And there is nothing that I can say except I wish today was not today.  And I know this gives you nothing at all.  But that’s all I have, nothing, that’s all.  So I’ll give you everything in two “nothing” words: I’m sorry.

5) Did You Just Say "Faggot"?
I call shenanigans. We should know better. We should know better than this by now.

6) We Have More Sense Than Lies
And lately, well I’ve been feeling down.  It’s like there’s no more room for a hopeful sound.  I need to believe in something new.  To believe in me like I believe in you.  We’ve had our hands held much too tight.  We’ve been more wrong than we’ve ever been right.  Can’t rest our hopes on a hanging chad.  We need much more than just one punk rock band.  Clenched fists and blackened eyes.  Break wide open our heads and fix our broken minds.  We’re crossing fingers and we hope for the best. We’ve lost our anger.  We’ve been suppressed.  And we can’t just hold our breath.  Sit back and sing along.  Pretend that it’s all okay when we know we’re wrong.  And this is not a call to arms.  Just a hope that we might try.  That we might try.  To use our heads and open eyes.  We have more sense than lies.  We have more sense than lies.  And nothing changes if we don’t change ourselves.  Bombs burst my trust away.  Red glares and empty stares.  We need something to say.  We need to start to care. And we can’t just hold our breath.  Sit back and sing along.  Pretend that it’s all okay.  When we know we’re wrong.  We must change.  Ourselves.